Baptism is a sacrament, or outward sign, of an inward spiritual grace.  

In a service where we use water as the marker, Christian parents (and often godparents) make promises that they will bring up a child in the Christian faith and we, as a congregation, commit to praying for, and encouraging the individual as they grow up as a member of the Cathedral.  One of images we find most helpful in explaining baptism, is that it is a blank cheque, that is ‘cashed in’ when the baby grows up and chooses to follow Jesus for himself or herself.

Another command from the Bible is that we should “believe and be baptised”.  Sometimes people join the Cathedral as believers or come to faith, and wish to be baptised as adults, and we are also delighted to facilitate this in our Sunday morning worship by baptism at the font or by full immersion.

If you would like to explore baptism or arrange a baptism for you or your child, please contact Sam or Danielle.

Parents wishing to find out more about baptism for their child can click to download our pamphlet on Infant Baptism.

Young people or adults wishing to find out about baptism can click to download our pamphlet on Adult Baptism.