Youth Mission Trip to Uganda | Blog 1

Hey from Uganda! We’ve arrived, we’re alive and Matthew’s nearly caught up on all the sleep he missed on the journey here. See some pics below of the trip so far!


After eating our first breakfast on the plane at 2am (mmm steamed hash browns) we arrived in Ethiopia to board our second plane and have our second breakfast of the day....again more chicken sausage. The flight was plane sailing compared the bus ride to the guest house. We may or may not have ended up on the wrong side of the motorway, but we got here safely to be greeted with some amazing food but more importantly showers! After lunch most of the team slept (not Emily and Sara) and then we had dinner and headed straight to bed after evening devotion. 


Today was very exciting.  We had an orientation this morning and then after the nicest meal yet we headed into Kampala for a market challenge. We were all a bit scared of how busy the city would be compared to the quiet of the guesthouse. Here we practised our Lugandan in the fruit market...and got laughed at. Crossed some pretty busy roads and nearly got hit by 100 motorbikes but we got better at crossing by the end of the day. On our way back to the bus we called into the craft market to have a look around, on the bus we got to taste grasshoppers for the first time, yum?


Tomorrow we’re going to Strathearn Primary to start our Bible Club and we’re all very excited but also a bit nervous. 


Thank you so much for your Prayer and support so far, please continue to Pray for health of the team. We’d also love you to Pray for the children we’re going to meet and have the opportunity to minister to over the following days.


Thank you, 

Sara, Matthew & Becky

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