New series beginning the 28th January at 6:30pm


Our new evening service will meet in the Cathedral every Sunday night for worship, teaching, prayer and community.  

We welcome everybody to attend (even if they've got young families) and to feel free to go as they please during these worship times.  The finishing time is usually no later than 8 pm.

We will have a mixture of guest speakers, staff, and others sharing these messages, and different groups will lead us in times of worship.  

These nights will be about singing, learning, and ministry, but more than anything our vision is to see all ages in community, getting to know one another and encouraging one another in our walks with Jesus.

As it says in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17, the Spirit of God wants to inspire every generation of His Church in mutually blessing ways, old dreamers, middle-aged vision see-ers, and child-like prophesiers!!!!

Let's take our place