Church of Ireland



Lisburn Cathedral is an Anglican Church and part of the Church of Ireland.

The Church of Ireland website will give you some information on the structures and ethos of the Church, up–to–date news and press releases, worship resources and a directory of the various dioceses and parishes.




Connor Diocese


Lisburn Cathedral is located in the Church of Ireland Diocese of Connor. On its website, you will find information about parishes, organisations active within the diocese and the work that Connor is engaged in on a daily basis. It gives a flavour of the diversity of the communities and people within the Diocese of Connor, and an awareness of the faith they share.




New Wine Ireland


At the Cathedral we engage with the ministry of New Wine Ireland in a number of ways - some of our parishioners attend the Summer Conference, both Kingdom Men and Kingdom Women, and have been equipped by training delivered in areas like prayer ministry.  Please browse their website and consider the Summer Conference in Sligo as a week away for all the family.




Love for Life


One of our members, Judith Cairns, is the CEO of ‘Love for Life’, an independent charity, working to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to make good choices when it comes to relationships and sex. Recognising the inherent worth and value of each individual, Love for Life believes that young people can choose to avoid damaging behaviours, including alcohol, drugs and underage sex, when adequately supported and equipped to do so.


Romance Academy


Romance Academy is a relationships project that tackles teen pregnancy and underage sex head on.  RA seeks to address the underlying causes of risky youth behaviour such as, poor self-esteem, low aspirations and lack of positive family/community life by promoting the value of stable relationships through our unique 14-week intervention project.


Further Organisations Lisburn Cathedral supports


Church Army

CMS Ireland

South American Missionary Society (SAMS)


Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Friends in Action UK