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Coffee Dock | Friday  |  3-6pm  |  11-18  |  Weekly

mettle  |  Saturday  |  7-9:30  |  11-18  |  Weekly

Lisburn Cathedral's Youth programme aims to encourage 11-18 year olds to grow into the people that God created them to be:


Mettle is Lisburn Cathedrals youth programme designed to help aid in our young people's personal, social and spiritual development.

Our Coffee shop for young people runs every week in the cathedral coffee room at the back of the church.

Most of our other programmes also run weekly with the exception of the first weekend in the month when we bring together all our groups and their familes and friends to engage in a joint worship celebration led by the young people and our enthusiastic team of volunteers. 



‘“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”