It has been said that the local church is the hope of the world, and we feel called to be an agent of blessing and change in our context. 

Below are some of the ways we are trying to make a difference.

Hillhall Outreach

On Meetinghouse Lane in Hillhall, working out of the “Lighthouse”, we are delighted to have a committed team blessing the community there. Frank, Billy and the rest of the team have provided fellowship, support, worship, teaching and regular BBQs in the estate, and are a valued part of the wider Cathedral family.  Please pray for them and support them as they continue to share the Good News about Jesus in Hillhall.

South Sudan Link

Thanks to support from Church Missionary Society Ireland (CMSI), and the wider link between the Diocese of Connor and the Diocese of Yei, Lisburn Cathedral has been developing a relationship with the Church in South Sudan.  

In two separate teams, both Sam, and Simon with some of our twenties and thirties group, have visited Yei town and Mongo village in the past couple of years, and are preparing to go out again with a team of 7 people in 2016.



The foodbank is an ongoing project to support people from the Lisburn area whose lives have been affected by the current economic recession. It is an exciting ministry which God is creating and everyone can play a part from buying the recommended  items  such as a jar of coffee during your weekly shop, perhaps giving a donation (Helen Getgood will be delighted to receive these and pass them on) and above all else to pray for God's will to be done that he may be honoured and glorified. 

Individuals called to mission

Some financial support may be applied for by committed members of Lisburn Cathedral who are going overseas on Christian mission projects.  Please click to download our Overseas Mission Support Application Form.

Links to organisations we support

Grace and some young people from south Sudan constructing a chair out of balloons and cling film