St.Patrick's Night Bash

On the 17th of March, Lisburn Cathedral threw a St.Patrick's Night Bash, which was a great night of music, fun, learning and laughs.

In place of the regular Sunday night "Fellowship at 7" event around coffee tables in the Cathedral, 150 people gathered in the hall for a celebration of the Gospel coming to this land and still bearing fruit today!  It was a joy to see our 20-30s fellowship group organise an event of this calibre which engaged those of every age and stage - although it must be noted that the cooking was organised by Cathedral parishioner and former restaurateur, Paul Duggan, who ably guided the willing helpers through the murky waters of making perfect Irish Stew!

On arrival at 6pm the kids and many of the adults visited the face-painting room, after which Zara Genoe led the crowd in a number of party games, such as “The Waves of Troy” and “Musical Chairs”, which was a competitive affair to say the least.  Then tables were laid, food was served, and over tea, coffee, apple tart and cream, they were treated to a musical medley from parishioners Sarah Calvert and Johnny Irvine.  

As the tables were cleared, the crowd stood to dynamically and enthusiastically worship God in song.  Rev Simon Genoe gave a short account of the story of Saint Patrick, a man who heard God, obeyed him, and had a God-given heart for this land, despite being told not to waste the Gospel on us!

We finished by singing a new song called “The Cross Stands Above it All”, and Canon Sam Wright praying to close a great night for all the family.