A Weekend to Remember

Our Parish Weekend on the 18th to the 20th of October was a great success and enjoyed by all.  Over 80 people attended for teaching, worship, fellowship and food.  

Rev Andrew Sweeny led the main teaching, asking us whether we, as a Church community, were a cruise liner or a rescue ship, and challenged us to live emotionally health lives, both through receiving from Jesus and being healed, as well as giving life to those God has placed in our midst.

Andrew Frame (CIYD) led an interactive youth programme on the concept of Church, and encouraged the young people to dream big and hassle the leadership team with ideas for how to grow and deepen the Church!

Gillian Millar joined us on Saturday to lead some children's sessions and among other things taught the kids about being FROGs - people who Fully Rely On God.

On Friday night, we had pizza and watched "Despicable Me".  On Saturday, we had a photo treasure hunt around Lisburn, followed by a game called "Challenj" led by Judith Cairns - loads of fun.  In the evening, we had a lovely Chinese banquet before Beulah Kim, an extremely talented local singer/songwriter, played an acoustic set for us.  Sunday morning worship completed the weekend followed by beautiful cupcakes made by Gillian McCandless - thanks Gillian!

A huge thanks to all those who helped, including Garvin, who made it all happen, all our technical guys, worship teams, our speakers, and everyone who did anything - THANKS! And a big thank you to our Heavenly Father who made it all, blessed us with His presence and is the reason for the Hope we have!!!


So loads of challenge, loads to think about - let's keep the conversation going about how we can better reach out with the love, truth and grace of Jesus!

Big love,