Meet Nathan

Hey guys!..  It's Nathan Ervine here, the new Intern! I'm going to share a little bit about my life so far and hopes for the future to give you a chance to get to know a little bit more about me!

Growing up..
I was born in March 1994 in Lisburn.. (Interesting fact, I was born with a full head of ginger hair.. I am now very blonde.. I have no idea how that works!) but anyway, I've lived here in Lisburn all my life.  I grew up in an non christian home and would never have went to a church at all apart from attending the BB in a church up the road once a week. Growing up I basically had a football glued to me at all times, every day I would've been either out the side of my house smashing a ball against the wall pretending I was David Beckham or playing football matches with friends during break and lunch times, even when I didn't have a football I used to run around doing step-overs with an imaginary ball! Weird child I was.  You'll be happy to know I don't do that anymore.. Play by the side of the house by myself I mean, of course I still do step-overs with an imaginary football, don't we all?? 

How I became a Christian?
In Early January 2013 i applied to go on an exodus team to Poland, fully aware that it was a Christian organisation but having no intention at all in becoming a Christian but just having always had a heart for the poor wanted to go somewhere and volunteer, a few weeks later I was accepted onto the team and the team meetings started where we read the bible and shared about life and prepared for what lay ahead in Poland, I felt completely uncomfortable the first month of meetings with people talking about God and praying. But on the 15th March 2013 we went on our team residential to Portstewart and that Saturday night the founder of Exodus, Norman Lyness and his wife arrived completely out of the blue. Norman shared his testimony with us, and some stories about Exodus, and while I was listening to his testimony I started feeling so overwhelmed with emotions and was struggling not to break down in tears, my whole life was just flashing in front of me in ways, things I had done wrong, the way I was living, but then I just felt such a power of peace fall on me, and that a hole in my life was filled for the first time, and I just felt Jesus In my heart just telling me "I have you" and I went back to my room that night and I prayed and I gave my life to Christ. From that moment Jesus transformed my life completely, how I lived, how I thought about living, how I looked at life, just everything. The following week I came to Lisburn Cathedral with a friend and i just felt at home as soon as I walked through the doors, the preaching series was the 'Holy Spirit' and just having the knowledge of the Holy Spirit straight away In my walk with Christ just grew and matured my faith so so much.  Being in Poland that summer Really gave me such a heart for the country and the people, and seeing 60 kids at a camp giving their lives to Christ really gave me a heart for our youth and seeing them come to know Jesus, and to see them and encourage them to grow in their relationships with Him.

This summer?
This summer I returned to Poland by myself to live and work with Proem ministries for 3 months during that time I lived on the camp the ministry owned, which was just outside a small run down city called Tomazvow.  During the 3 months I worked at an after school club, did practical work on the camp, lead an outreach team, attended and prayed with people at the Billy Graham festival of hope, where I saw nearly 3,000 people giving their lives to Christ In one day, AMAZING! I shared my testimony, worked at the camps, where I saw at least 100 kids every week giving their lives to Christ! I spoke a bit, coached a kids football team, helped proem move from their old school into a much bigger school so more kids could attend, ran a kids club, it was just crazy but such a blessed and amazing Summer!  Just so amazing being able to witness just a little of what God is doing over there!!

The future?
Well over the last 6 months that has been the question on my mind the most if I'm honest. Before I left for Poland I had been accepted to Nazarene Theological college in Manchester to do theology with youth ministry, and I went to Poland thinking, that was where I was going afterwards, but when I was in Poland I really felt God telling me that wasn't right, and that He wanted me to stay in Northern Ireland so I started praying and thinking about plans for the next year, and every single plan I had, whether it was going to YWAM or going to Manchester and seeing what happened, just anything I thought was good, but, "God, was just like nope you aren't doing that sorry," so as you can imagine I was very stressed and confused about what was going to happen once I got home, but just as always God had a better plan for me, and when I came home, and the opportunity opened up in our church for an intern, and after praying and speaking with family I felt it was what God was wanting me to do and why he had been saying 'no' to any of my own plans and thankfully after applying for it, I am now here writing this to you all as THE NEW INTERN!! 

My plans beyond this year are to go to Belfast bible college and study theology and then hopefully if it's God's calling for me perhaps looking towards training to be a Church of Ireland Minister.   Please pray for me in this year of experience, exploration and discernment.