Whole Church Prayer Initiative

Beyond Easter we would love to encourage you to join with 24/7 Prayer in a nation-wide prayer initiative.  50 days after Easter Sunday marks the day the Christian Calendar celebrates as Pentecost Sunday. (24th May) Pentecost of course is the joyous day when the Holy Spirit fell on the believers and the Church, the greatest movement on earth, was born.  

During these 50 days we would love to encourage you to pray with us for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in our land.  Pentecost and other significant times in church history testify to the fact that when Jesus-followers, turn their hearts wholly to God and call to Him on behalf of cities and nations He responds, moving in ways that change the course of history.  We really sense that the Holy Spirit longs to move again in power and love around Ireland.

So I would love to encourage you to pray a prayer  with us. We are going to set our alarms at 3 separate times each day -  09.00; 12:00; 18:00 - asking people wherever they are and whatever they are doing to pause for a moment (either individually or with friends and family) and simply invite the Holy Spirit afresh into our lives, His church and this land.
We would love you to spread the word.
We also want to make is as accessible and easy as possible for people so you can download the prayer as a Wallpaper for your smart phone here.