First Update from the Yei team

Abaana & CMSI Team Update!

The team visiting Abaana in Uganda have had a great day worshipping for over 2hrs at All Saints in Kampala-Sam has got a few new ideas for how to do things!!
The church was very big with a large crèche and children's church during their many services which are filled with great joy.
Next we met with the Abaana Children's choir and had a great time talking with them and seeing how much they have grown. All the children were asking after their friends in Lisburn Cathedral and said hello.
The other children in the school were very excited to see us and crowded round to greet and touch our white skin!

Finally - Please remember Derek in your prayers as he sits his exams to allow him to move up to the High School.

Please continue to pray for us as we begin our school visits tomorrow...