Abaana & CMSI Update (4)

Wednesday 11th April

Visit to Byobe Church of Uganda School. The school was well managed, and yet the Headmaster was so accommodating of what we wanted to do. This led to the children being so accepting of us, wanting to take in what we had to say, and that they really engaged in what we had to say. All age groups from P1 to P7 entered into, and enjoyed the time, with joy.

Thursday 12th April

In the morning we were invited by Abaana to join them in their attendance at The International Day of Street Connected Children. This allowed us to march on the 12th along the traditional route! The walk was attended by some 700 children from the Street - which was overpowering, showed that there is so much to be done, and a sense that there is nothing we can do to change things. However, we need to remember that any small amount helps, and that you can't eat a whole elephant at once, but by eating it a spoonful at a time, you can eventually eat your own elephant.

In the afternoon we visited the Abanna New Life Home again, which was different to the Tuesday visit, as there was an immediate feeling of us being familiar and readily accepted in to their home. It really gave us a lift after the events of the morning.

Friday 13th April

Our last day in Kampala. Today we visited the Lweza Primary School, which entailed a trip in a narrow 9 person boat across Lake Victoria. The children and Headmaster were again most welcoming and attentive, and a joy to be with.

Finally we met with Gill and Sarah of Abaana, and the Guesthouse staff, who we thanked for all they have done for us. We will thank our driver Steven when he takes us to the airport at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Whilst for our first time in Uganda it has been exciting, amazing, tiring and demanding, the support from the Abaana staff has made it comfortable and enjoyable.

We thank you for your prayers during our time in Kampala, which have all been answered, and we ask you to continue as we travel to Arua and spend time working with CMSI.