Abaana & CMSI Update (5)

Tuesday 17th April

We were again at the Clergy Retreat, and the Pastors were again thankful for us being there.

The Pastors appear to be settling in together, are opening up to us, and are telling us their stories of what they went through in South Sudan, and then on their journeys to Arua. This has been a steep learning curve of our knowledge of what these Pastors have been through.

Some of the Pastors are starting to bridge the gap between the rawness of the journey from Yei, and the place of strength that they need to be in to guide their flocks.

Wednesday 18th April

Sam and Denis talked at the Retreat again, covering items such as the history of the Anglican church and the presence of God. Today was a half day, with talks up to lunch at 1pm.

The ladies spent the day preparing for their trips to Rhino Camp on Thursday and Friday to talk to gentlemen in the camp about the “dignity packs” that had been prepared for the Yei Trip in 2016.

Linda spent the time filming videos of some of the Pastor’s individual stories of their escape from Yei in South Sudan, and their journey to Arua in Uganda.

Martin spent time with Diocesan and College staff, helping them with aspects of Word and Excel where they have limited knowledge of these packages.

The afternoon was spent taking tea with Bishop Hilary, Mama Joyce, and their close staff. Following this we had supper at the home of Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Mathers, who are from the Reconcile Peace Institute, and are assisting in the presentation of the Retreat. Both of these were most enjoyable times.

Thursday 19th April

Sam led the morning Devotion at the Retreat, and then had the rest of the day for final preparations for what will be a long Friday for them. They then gave the 4pm to 6pm session on Salvation.

The ladies and Linda (with Martin as photographer) joined Mamas Joyce, Joanne, Agnes and Anna from the Mother's Union, for their first visit to present the “Dignity Packs” in the Rhino Camp. Today's visit was to the Ariaze B area of the Siripi Zone, where the meeting was held in the Locata B church.