Moving out to Move forward!

Having prayed about it, talked about it, shared about it, honed it and chiseled it, then prayed about it, talked about it, and honed it some more, we have finally (almost) arrived at the time when the exciting work on the Cathedral will begin!!!!

Essential rewiring, lighting, audio/visual work will be done, the beautiful East window will be revealed by repositioning screens, the adaptability of the building will be enhanced with comfortable, moveable seating and a beautiful cafe area will be created!!!! Fantastic!

But as the caterpillar has to contend with the cocoon before he becomes a butterfly, we will worship in the hall from the 15th of July to the 2nd of December, the day of the grand Reopening and Rededication Service at which Bishop Alan will be our preacher!

We appreciate your patience, and we promise, it'll be worth the wait!!!!