Pray for South Sudan

CMSIreland have been receiving regular updates from their global partners, especially from the dioceses of Maridi, Yei and Ibba, as well as from individuals they are in touch with in South Sudan. 

The stories emerging are heart breaking with so much loss of life in the northern areas and in Juba, and so many people fleeing their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. The breaking up of communities only so recently trying to establish themselves is so sad to see. People are becoming refugees again in the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, camps which were emptying are now beginning to fill again.

CMSI have heard that in Maridi over 80 families of displaced people have sought shelter in the cathedral area with more expected, and in Yei diocese displaced people are being directed to the UN compound for safety but the diocese has committed to provide funding to help support them. Ibba is also experiencing an influx of people. Bishop Justin, Bishop Hilary and Bishop Wilson have all asked if CMSIreland are able to send emergency funding to purchase food, bed sheets, blankets, jerrycans, cooking oil, medicines. etc. CMSIreland  is responding to these requests with financial assistance.

Prayer Requests from CMSI partners:

1.      Pray for the political crisis in South Sudan particularly the President of South Sudan H:E Salva Kiir and the rebel leader Dr. Riak Machar so that God can change their hearts and minds to sit down and agree on things that can bring peace in the country.

2.      Pray for the church as it offers sanctuary and assistance to those fleeing their homes - Bishop Justin, Bishop Hilary and Bishop Wilson as they lead

3.      Pray for adequate resources, shelter, water, food, medical assistance, and the capacity to manage the response

4.      That the communications links would be protected

5.      For good coordination of the emergency response

6.      For men and women of vision to lead the nation forwards