Update from the Colliers

Dear Family and Friends,  

Another drilling season has come to an end in Burkina Faso and we praise and thank the Lord for all that was accomplished with His help and for His glory.

April … We thank the Lord that despite several difficulties, 6 wells were drilled to the glory of God. We were partnering with C&MA and a team of 5 men they sent from USA.  These wells will be a blessing to so many and we thank the Lord for how He answered prayer and provided water.  We continue to pray that as the pastors and missionaries in these villages share the Good News of Jesus Christ that many people will accept Jesus as their Saviour.  This picture shows Pastor Lampo and the women celebrating and showing their appreciation for a well in the village of Kalimanma.

With the previous team two dry holes had been drilled in the Fulani village of Louadiagou and nothing but dust was found with over 600ft of drilling. The predominantly Muslim villagers were amazed when Mark and the team returned to the village and surveyed out a third location to drill.  “Why do these Christians care so much about us?” they asked.  After much prayer, Pastor Lampo, a national pastor trained by SIM, explained to the people that we were not going to be making any traditional sacrifices as the people were suggesting, but that rather we were trusting God to provide water in His time.  As a large fracture in the bedrock was drilled through, a tremendous supply of clean water started to flow. We prayed again thanking God for answering the prayers of His people and for providing these very needy people with such a wonderful blessing.  The impact of God’s provision to these people became clear later that same day as the chief and elders of the village of Louadiagou came to us. They expressed their thanks with gifts of chickens and told us that they see that the team know a better way to paradise!  Pastor Lampo was given a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with these people!  Please pray for Pastor Lampo and for the people of the village of Louadiagou as Pastor Lampo faithfully continues to visit them and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May Mark returned to Burkina Faso to plan ahead for next season’s drilling work.  He and Tim visited 15 villages both in east and west Burkina Faso, where wells will be drilled September 2016- April 2017, Lord willing.   They were able to meet with many partner organisations and also complete one well at a church site in the village of Laye.  They were asked to take a look at a well that was giving some problems at a SIM Bible school site in the outskirts of Ouagadougou.  As they tried to take the electric submersible pump out it became increasing more difficult to pull.      Finally the pump became completely stuck! Reaching down into the borehole the problem became clear.  Children had dropped rocks and other debris down the hole behind the pump which was now jamming the pump.  Carefully clearing what debris we could from the hole we were finally able to retrieve the pump from the well.  We then used the air compressor and blew the well out to clean it up before reinstalling the submersible pump and a hand pump together in the same well.  Installing both the hand pump and electric submersible in the well together opens up greater access to the water supply which now provides water to both a Fulani Bible School through the hand pump and also through the submersible pump to a SIM Bible school 200m away.  This technique is something that we wish to develop to help make best use of the water supplies drilled.  

June … Mark has been busy with deputation work speaking in churches and meeting with individuals supporting the work in W. Africa.  He is also working with the manufacturers of the new drilling rig.  The rig will hopefully be finished in June and then shipped to Burkina Faso ready for drilling work in September.  All of the other tools and supplies needed for this rig in the field are being brought together and loaded into a 40ft container here in N. Ireland ready for shipping.

Looking ahead… We plan to return as a family to Burkina Faso on 12th August.  On 22nd August, Joshua, Rachel and Anna will start LIFE Academy in Ouagadougou.  This is a small, new Christian school that has been started to serve missionary children and is very close to our home in Ouagadougou. The school has recently started using a curriculum that is in line with the British system; Louise will teach in the school each morning.

Joshua, Rachel and Anna … are looking forward to returning to Burkina Faso although they will miss their family and friends in N. Ireland.  They have had a great school year in N. Ireland and have enjoyed doing many activities they don’t have opportunity to do while living in Ouagadougou.  


  1. Praise for 27 wells drilled this year (18 drilled by Mark and Tim)

  2. Pray for people to come to know Jesus through the wells that have been drilled.

  3. Pray for us as a family as we all return to Burkina Faso in August and for Louise, Joshua, Rachel and Anna as they adjust to a new school environment in Burkina.

  4. Pray for the remaining funds needed to buy/ship the second drilling rig.

  5. Pray for Dr. Ken Elliot who continues to be held in captivity and for his wife Jocelyn as she waits for his release.

  6. Pray for Amy Riddering as she presses on with the work at the orphanage and women’s refuge centre in Yako.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement.

“In God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge is in God.” Psalm 62:7