Summer Madness information

Hello happy campers.

Summer Madness is getting closer and there are a few key pieces of information you need to know. Please note there is NO paperback guidebook this year. Instead please downloaded the Summer Madness App before you come away with us.

1) Food

Breakfast lunch and dinner are all provided for the low cost of £10. Any allergies I'm not yet aware of please let me know asap. Please just bring this money with you unless you have been otherwise instructed by myself.

Saturday lunch and Monday breakfast are the meals Lisburn Cathedral are in charge of helping serve and clean up after

2) Money and Valuables

Any money you send will only be for snacks such as chips or coffee out. We don’t recommend that a large amount is sent.
Any valuables will be the owners responsibility.


we recommend you pack

  1. 1)  Sun cream (at last)

  2. 2)  Hand sanitiser

  3. 3)  Bottled water

  4. 4)  Air bed or sleeping mat

  5. 5)  Sleeping bag

  6. 6)  Appropriate clothing (and your leaders will define appropriate)

  7. 7)  Sensible footwear (sunny or not you’ll still be in a field normally inhabited by sheep)

  8. 8)  A folding chair

  9. 9)  Toiletries (Showering is compulsory)

And most importantly DON’T OVERPACK. You should be able to carry all your luggage by yourself without needing to wheel it.

3) Tents

A small number of people are travelling down on Thursday to put up tents. We cannot guarantee all tents we have will get erected but don’t worry. All you have to do is come down slightly early on Friday and set it up then. We’ll have saved you a space

4) Arrival

You should make your way to Glenarm anytime after 4pm but before 7pm.
There will be no sit down meal on Friday night so it is also advised you either eat before you come or bring something with you.
There may be Hot Chocolate at 11pm

5) Pick up

Even if you are staying with the residential Streetreach team we recommend you go home for a bit. Please arrange a pick up on Tuesday afternoon between 12:30 and 1.

6) Emergency contact

I will have my phone charged and turned on 24 hours a day. You can contact me on 07842 070108 Any other questions please text or call me and I’ll be happy to help.