News about Annual Easter Vestry Sunday!!

A special occasion on Sunday 22nd April 2012   

Our congregations enjoyed a morning of inspiring and dynamic worship at 9.30 and 11am, followed by a soup lunch and our Annual Easter Vestry Meeting. Sam worked harder than ever as he delivered an inspiring message (that you can watch on our teaching page) at both services, and then gave the report at the AEV. It was marvellous to hear all that has happened in the past year, the ministry, mission and outreach - so exciting! But while Sam gave us a pat on the back, he challenged us about engaging further in a new stage and phase of ministry where the demands of reaching out will be greater and more dynamic - its not about being a passenger anymore (if it ever was!!)...

In terms of the meeting, wonderful Grace Fullerton stepped down after 2 years service from the role of church warden, replaced by Glenn Steenson, while her partner in crime, Tim Webb continues in his role.  A new vestry was elected and had their first meeting following the AEV.

It was a great day, people's feedback was that they felt inspired and excited by the reports and the teaching!! Please God next years meeting will be a look back at even more dynamic ministry in Lisburn!!! Many thanks to all those who helped with catering, set up, flowers and all that made for a great day!!!