Yei Diocese Update

Bishop Hilary has written in appreciation of the link with parishes like Lisburn Cathedral in Connor Diocese:

‘I want to express our profound appreciation to Bishop Alan and the Christians of Connor for making this partnership meaningful to us all. May the partnership remain mutually strengthened and enriched’

CMS Ireland is encouraging parishes to support clergy training to help strengthen church leadership. Bishop Allison Theological College (BATC) is due to reopen in Yei in January 2015, offering courses at Certificate and Diploma level. CMS Ireland has a long history of supporting BATC through troubled times during the war and it is encouraging to see it being re established. Bishop Hilary is also eager to send a few of his clergy to Uganda Christian University to obtain theological degrees.

Immanuel Model Senior Secondary School has almost completed the first academic year and will take in the next batch of students in January. Plans to construct the school are ready, the land demarked and local fundraising efforts have begun. The vision of the diocese is to offer good quality Christian founded secondary education to the pupils graduating from the church run primary schools. These primary schools have been performing very well, a testament to the dedicated teachers and generous supporters from parishes in Ireland who facilitated teacher training and school construction. CMS Ireland has already sent out funds to assist with construction, but far more will be needed.

Martha Clinic is growing well from its humble beginnings and October sees the opening of a second ward for Children.

In January CMSI are organising a  partner visit to Yei. Dr Frank Dobbs will do some clinical teaching at Martha and Rev Arthur Young will be a facilitator for the diocesan youth conference.