New Home Group - 11d Magheralave Road Lisburn

Connor Big Sing

The Dean and Chapter at Lisburn Cathedral would like to invite those interested in learning more about Contemporary Christian Music to a Sunday afternoon training and evening Praise Service at Lisburn Cathedral.

Epic Explorers comes to Lisburn Cathedral

Our annual Holiday Bible Club is fast approaching, join us at Lisburn Cathedral from Monday 24th July- Friday 28th July at 10am for Epic Explorers. All Children ages P1- 1st Year are welcome to attend as we explore through adventure island. The event is free and you can sign up on the day. 

Check out our Promotional Video here

For more information please contact our Children's worker Sarah

Big Story World

This is the fourth annual Big Church Service at Lisburn Cathedral running from Wednesday 12th April to Saturday 15th April. Our theme this time is “Big Story World” which will be open from 12.00pm until 4.00pm each day.

New Life Choir Report

Just a couple of years ago, 13-year-old Derrick was collecting discarded plastic bottles to earn 12p a day on the streets of Kampala.

Lisburn Community Choir

Well it has been another busy year. I can't believe how much the choir has grown over the last three years.  We had a registration of 120 adult members in September and around 35 kids. God has really blessed the choirs and there is always a real positive family atmosphere every Monday night, both in the coffee shop and during the rehearsal. Thanks to the Cathedral for opening the wonderful building up for us to use!

CAP Money Course at Lisburn Cathedral

January is a great time to take a fresh look at your finances and make a plan for the year ahead. Lots of people are keen to manage their money, but often don’t have the basic skills, so this course is a really effective place to start.

Even if you went a bit overboard at Christmas, it’s not too late to do something now about your financial situation. With the help of the CAP Money Course, we have seen people back in the black and start saving - sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Live Music every Tuesday - Cathedral Coffee Room

Festive Fun at Cracking Christmas Party